Scorpio/Taurus Descendant

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When you have Scorpio on the Rise/ASC Taurus will be directly opposite in the 7th of you in realtionship with others: marriage, Scorpio is who we are and Taurus is who we become in relationships.

Scorpio Rising~Taurus on the Descendent

Scorpio on the 1st House cusp.

Your outer persona is generally quiet and reflective when Scorpio sits on the first house. You are a watcher, an investigator and you see beneath the surface of the everyday events of your life. Scorpio rising is an interplay of the mysterious and the penetrating and it provides a mask that is seldom overt or observable but becomes a need to penetrate, understand and transcend. You have an unexpectedly strong will power and are unlikely to ever lose sight of your visions or your target. Very little gets by your attention if you are attracted or drawn to a situation. You will have a remarkable system of defenses that radiate your moon and sun sign qualities and you can produce them efficiently when necessary.

You will tend to be friendly but very impersonal keeping much of your truths private. You are generally not comfortable talking about yourself in any kind of depth. You are a natural 'hunter' and never give up once you are attached to a goal or objective. You will have tended to experience issues and events that most others fear or avoid....this is your exploration into the "scorpion" territory and while you do not emotionally live the experiences (unless your sun or moon are also in Scorpio) you will have viewed and observed them.

Taurus on the 7th House Cusp

Because Scorpio on the ascendant creates a unique and almost impenetrable barrier to 'who' you really are your intimate partners can be surprised by your tenacity, your strength and your tolerance if you are emotionally attached. This is the intimate part of you that needs and cherishes stability, security and strong relationship structures. There is an inherent need for tradition and solidity, for grounded and earthy passion and trust.

The intensity created by Scorpio rising needs the secure walls that Taurus creates on the 7th house and partners must be able to supply a certain discipline, faithfulness and support as required and desired by the rest of your important chart points. (sun/moon/Venus etc) The unfathomable depths of the watery Scorpio persona have a very solid bottom that is reached in this Taurus placement. This is another fixed sign and holds it grounds with a firm dedication and an almost unwavering set of needs.
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